How to be prepared all day for your trip:

Pack a lunch, snacks and beverages, no breakable containers allowed.  You can bring beer/alcohol, but no glass bottles please.

You will need a cooler to take your catch home.  We have some cooler space on the boat for your drinks and food, but it can be limited.

If you are prone to motion sickness, consult your physician or pharmacist to find options.  If you take Dramamine, you’ll want to take it the night before.

Choose appropriate clothing for the weather, we suggest dressing in layers to help stay warm and dry all day.

Get a good nights sleep, being out in the sun is tiring and nothing is worse than a hangover on a moving boat all day.

The morning of your trip:

You’ll want to arrive between 10 – 15 minutes early and be ready for your trip.  Sometimes we run trips back to back, which means the boat may return from the morning trip around the same time we are scheduled to leave for your afternoon trip.  Please be patient, we’ll get you your full charter period.

There is all day parking at the harbor for a fee.  Bring cash or a credit card, parking is not included in the cost of the charter.

Everyone over the age of 16 is required to have a fishing license. You can purchase an Illinois Sport Fishing License (24 hour) on the boat the day of your trip, otherwise you’ll want to buy an annual Illinois license with a Lake Michigan Salmon stamp in advance.

Remember to bring your fishing license with you.  If you don’t have it with you, you will be required to purchase one from us ($12.00 Illinois resident, $17.00 non resident for a 24 hour license).

Board fishing vessel and receive safety briefing.


During your trip:

Expect typically 30-45 minute trip to and from the fishing grounds.

Water and ice are provided on the boat.

There is a head (restroom) on the boat which is designed to manage human waste and marine toilet paper only.  Any other materials must be disposed of in a trash can.

Smoking is allowed on deck, please be considerate of non-smoking passengers and dispose of smoking materials properly.


After your trip:

On the trip back to the harbor we’ll filet your catch and bag it up, you should bring a cooler for your trip home.  We’ll give you some ice if you’re running low by the end of the day.

Payment in full is expected at the end of the charter when we arrive at the dock, gratuity is customary for the crew as well.