Mid-Summer Salmon Run

July usually brings hot, sticky weather and a lull in salmon fishing. Lake trout are a more common target for mid-summer fishing in Chicago as the salmon have moved away after the spring run. This year has been rather different, however, with a shorter salmon run in the spring and an abundance of all types of salmon (Coho and King) in July.

For the last several weeks, the salmon have been schooling in 60 to 80 feet of water straight east of Belmont Harbor. It’s not uncommon for charters to return with 20-25 fish each trip. Just this last Sunday we caught 13 fish in just under 2 hours in a terrible sea state. Fishing for salmon can be pretty exciting at times with 2 or 3 rods going off at once as you pass a school of fish.

These abundant salmon runs don’t last long though. Fishing conditions can change at anytime. You can book your day now or give Captain Neill a call for more info.

king salmon

Posted on: July 19, 2016, by : Captain Neill