Charter Fishing Season At Last!

fishing boat uncovering    canvas fitting

The end of March is here, and the start of the Chicago charter fishing season is just around the corner! The boat was unwrapped from its winter covering a few short weeks ago, and the weather has cooperated enough to allow us to complete the long checklist of items to get the boat charter-ready.

A lot has been added to the boat this year including a new aluminum hard top which holds a top-of-the-line 4G broadband radar. The delivered packaged hard top was stored with the boat this winter and just recently installed. It’s always a bit stressful drilling 4 big new holes into your boat! With a new hard top, comes new canvas. Our canvas guy measured and had the new stuff installed in less than a week!

With the time ticking down until our first charter this weekend, we were able to cross the lake today under beautiful spring conditions.  Discounted rates are still available for April and May. Email or call for more information. The early spring is the best time to snag those coho and king salmon.

Charter Fishing Boat

Posted on: March 30, 2016, by : Captain Neill