78 Days and Counting ’til Fishing Season


With the boat safely stored away a couple of months ago and our busy holiday season over, we can finally start the countdown to fishing season! We’ve invested in a new custom-made Atlantic Towers hard top for our charter boat. It’s sitting with the boat waiting to be mounted this March along with the new 4G broadband radar unit!

According to forecasts, the El Niño affect looks to bring a more mild winter compared to recent years. Hopefully this leads to no ice cover on the lake in March so that we can get the boat in early. Chicago has an amazing coho salmon fishery in the springtime that we want to take advantage of as early as possible.  Until then, we will have to settle for the Chicago Boat show this weekend and the trade shows in February leading up to the start of the season.

We have discounts for early-season fishing. Call or e-mail Captain Neill for discounted rates.

lake michigan sunrise                 fishing harbor rainbow

Posted on: January 13, 2016, by : Captain Neill