Spring Fishing with Friends and Family

We recently got a chance to do some early fishing near downtown Chicago with friends and family. April is a great time to invite some friends out for a casual afternoon of fishing where we scout out a few locations to see where the different species of fish are biting.  With the warm winter this year, we weren’t fishing as close to shore as in years past, but we were still relatively shallow at a depth of about 30-40 feet.

We caught a good mix of salmon and lake trout, finishing with 7 lake trout and 6 coho salmon in just a few hours of fishing. We even caught two fish, a salmon and a lake trout, on the same rod at the same time! Successfully landing both fish in that situation is incredibly rare.

The lake is warming up quickly, and the fish are already starting to move to deeper water, but there’s still time to book your spring charter before the summer heat hits.

salmon and lake trout              lake trout

Posted on: May 1, 2016, by : Captain Neill

Charter Fishing Season At Last!

fishing boat uncovering    canvas fitting

The end of March is here, and the start of the Chicago charter fishing season is just around the corner! The boat was unwrapped from its winter covering a few short weeks ago, and the weather has cooperated enough to allow us to complete the long checklist of items to get the boat charter-ready.

A lot has been added to the boat this year including a new aluminum hard top which holds a top-of-the-line 4G broadband radar. The delivered packaged hard top was stored with the boat this winter and just recently installed. It’s always a bit stressful drilling 4 big new holes into your boat! With a new hard top, comes new canvas. Our canvas guy measured and had the new stuff installed in less than a week!

With the time ticking down until our first charter this weekend, we were able to cross the lake today under beautiful spring conditions.  Discounted rates are still available for April and May. Email or call for more information. The early spring is the best time to snag those coho and king salmon.

Charter Fishing Boat

Posted on: March 30, 2016, by : Captain Neill

78 Days and Counting ’til Fishing Season


With the boat safely stored away a couple of months ago and our busy holiday season over, we can finally start the countdown to fishing season! We’ve invested in a new custom-made Atlantic Towers hard top for our charter boat. It’s sitting with the boat waiting to be mounted this March along with the new 4G broadband radar unit!

According to forecasts, the El Niño affect looks to bring a more mild winter compared to recent years. Hopefully this leads to no ice cover on the lake in March so that we can get the boat in early. Chicago has an amazing coho salmon fishery in the springtime that we want to take advantage of as early as possible.  Until then, we will have to settle for the Chicago Boat show this weekend and the trade shows in February leading up to the start of the season.

We have discounts for early-season fishing. Call or e-mail Captain Neill for discounted rates.

lake michigan sunrise                 fishing harbor rainbow

Posted on: January 13, 2016, by : Captain Neill

Lake Trout Everywhere!


We’re over halfway done with the Chicago fishing season, and one thing stands out. The lake trout fishing this year has been phenomenal!  Charters are limiting out almost every trip and catching some monster late trout. 10-15 lb lake trout are common, and 20 pounders are mixed in on most charters.  Skyline Fishing Charters has been coming back with 100-130 pounds of fish on every trip!  We are also are finding coho salmon and rainbow trout on most trips, which are usually tough to find this time of year.

Many times the fishing slows down from May-June levels when the temperature heats up in the middle of summer, but that hasn’t been the case this year. On a recent trip, we caught our limit on lake trout in an hour!

The mid-summer fishing has been great and there’s still time to book your August vacation fishing trip!

lake trout fishing   lake trout full catchlarge lake troutlarge steelhead trout

Posted on: August 4, 2015, by : Captain Neill

Fireworks Aren’t Just for the 4th


Chicago Fireworks

Thousands flock to Grant Park each year on on the 4th of July to view the wonderful fireworks display put on by Navy Pier. Fireworks against the backdrop of the lake is a uniquely Chicago experience. Seeing the fireworks reflect off the water adds another level of enjoyment and makes for some awesome photos. Whether it’s from a camp chair in Grant Park or a seat on the Terrance bar at Trump Tower, the fireworks are shared by everyone. It’s a great way to unify the city under one experience.

What many don’t know is that Navy Pier puts on fireworks shows regularly throughout the summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can see fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday nights just off Navy Pier. While shorter than the typical 4th of July presentation, they are still quite the spectacle.

Many Chicago boaters take advantage of the regular fireworks displays and watch them from a unique vantage point, the lake looking in.  From there, you can see the fireworks explode in front of the wonderfully-lit Chicago skyline. It’s an unforgettable sight that most never experience. There are still plenty of fireworks days left. You can book your tour here. Have a Happy 4th of July!

golden fireworks  rainbow fireworks

Posted on: July 3, 2015, by : Captain Neill