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We offer 6 and 8 hour fishing charters out of Chicago's beautiful Belmont Harbor from April 1st through October. We provide all the equipment needed for a great day on Lake Michigan. We catch a variety of species including: lake trout, coho salmon, king salmon, steelhead, and brown trout. Our Pacemaker Sportfish is designed as a true charter fishing boat. You can book online directly through our booking page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or e-mail Captain Neill.

Latest Posts

Mid-Summer Salmon Run

July usually brings hot, sticky weather and a lull in salmon fishing. Lake trout are a more common target for mid-summer fishing in Chicago as the salmon have moved away after the spring run. This year has been rather different, however, with a shorter salmon run in the spring and an abundance of all types […]

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What’d You Catch On A Charter?

  The Great Lakes region is home to some great fishing with over three thousand miles of shoreline. The title question is one we get a lot from our customers during the year. We thought it’d be good time to provide a quick primer on the fish you might expect to catch when you book […]

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Spring Fishing with Friends and Family

  We recently got a chance to do some early fishing near downtown Chicago with friends and family. April is a great time to invite some friends out for a casual afternoon of fishing where we scout out a few locations to see where the different species of fish are biting.  With the warm winter this […]

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Charter Fishing Season At Last!

     The end of March is here, and the start of the Chicago charter fishing season is just around the corner! The boat was unwrapped from its winter covering a few short weeks ago, and the weather has cooperated enough to allow us to complete the long checklist of items to get the boat charter-ready. A […]

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